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Recommended Gear List

N.B. All listed prices below are approximate. With any tech purchase, you get what you pay for. If you see similar gear listed at three radically different price points (e.g. $20, $150, $750) the middle one is probably the best option (unless your budget is unlimited.) Always read customer reviews and compare multiple products.

1.     Video Camera

a.     I use a rather old Canon XA-10 because that's what I have. There are many out there at different price points, and while you get what you pay for, it's hard to see the difference between a $1000 and a $8000 camera. Avoid DSLRs unless you consistently have another person to operate the camera for you for every shoot.

b.     A high-quality digital video camera is a sizable investment, not to be taken lightly. If a digital video camera exceeds your budget for video production, it is possible to make high-quality video with only a smartphone or tablet camera, BUT only if all other parts of your setup (especially lighting!) are high-quality. 

1.     Lighting equipment

a.      If filming on digital video camera: Softbox ($30-60) with light stand

b.      If filming on phone or tablet: LED Ring Light ($15-40) with light stand

2.     Audio Interface

a.      Focusrite 2i2 for solo or duo playing ($100 used-$170 new)

b.     Two ¼” cables (if connecting to speakers) (>$20)

3.     Microphone

a.      Superlux ORTF Stereo Condenser Mic ($150-230)

b.     Two XLR cables (>$20)

i.     Long enough to reach from the interface to the mic with slack

4.     Audio/Video Recording Software

a.     Interface Driver: Search Google to see if your interface requires driver download, most do. (Free)

b.     Digital Audio Workstation

i.      Mac: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10, Reaper

ii.     PC: Ableton Live 10, Reaper

c.      Adobe Creative Suite ***$20/mo. subscription if you have a .edu email address, or access to a friend's

i.     Premiere Pro

ii.     AfterEffects

5.     Livestreaming

a.     If you have a digital video camera: Elgato CamLink 4K ($150)

b.     Otherwise, Webcam ($20-70) or smartphone

c.     OBS Software

Photo: © Margot Schulman 2019

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